Bespoke Software Applications to Execute Your Business Strategy

Design, Visualise and Build Software that is Tailored to Your Needs

Our Services

KOG Digital is brought to you by a team with a wealth of experience building bespoke windows, web and mobile applications. Whether you’re a small business looking to add a new product offering, or a large enterprise that needs to visualise multiple streams of data, we can help you

Web Application Development

Using the latest technologies, we build web applications that deliver great functionality within the browser window

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps that work across multiple devices and engage their audiences. Designed for security, scalability and data

Integrated System Design

Detailed analysis and development alongside your business ensures that the final product meets your needs

How Bespoke Software Works

It’s vital that your new software meets your needs exactly, here’s how we make that happen

Analysis and Discovery

We listen to you. Show us the challenges your business faces and then let us design an appropriate solution.

Team Building

We dedicate resources to your requirements. Establish points of contact within your business to ensure painless productivity.


Our favourite part! We bring the design into reality using bespoke code and off the shelf integrations as needed.


Bugs are bad! While all of our developments utilise automated testing, the final test of a development is always manual.


Alongside your team, we’ll deliver and set up your new application. Training and usage manuals will be delivered as required.

Maintenance and Updates

Business needs change, and even the best software can’t always keep up. We’ll continue working with you to make sure everything is in great shape and continues to fit your needs.

No-Code is No-Go

People say you can build anything without code these days, but they’re wrong. Like all tools, they’re only useful in the right place and at the right time. When you’re trying to build a bespoke application that works for your business, you need to get more creative.

We utilise the latest tools and technologies to deliver exactly what you need.


I have worked with the guys from KOG Digital on many projects over the years Their comprehensive knowledge, and attention to detail I have found second to none.

They listen well, and always have positive suggestions and guidance based on their years of experience, and are happy to be challenged.

Adrian Fermor

1st Aid Repairs

Your Success is Our Goal

We are always looking to build long lasting relationships with our clients. After all, as your business grows, so does ours.

Once a product is built and delivered, that’s not the end of its story. We want to work with you to ensure that your needs will be met on an ongoing basis. Be that additional scale, new features, or pivots towards SaaS or other goals.

Let’s Work Together

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